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Lightroom Develop Presets - African Wildlife

We've created these 10 Adobe Lightroom develop presets to make our work easier, quicker and more productive. Now we are making them available to you to use. Shortcut the image enhancement process by simply clicking on the preset before making the final tweaks to your photographs.

What will these presets do? They are intended mainly for processing RAW images, although they will work with other image formats as well. These presets create a starting point for making wonderful monochromatic photographs. Despite what many think or will tell you, these are not magic bullets, instantly producing awesome photographs. What the preset will do is get you most of the way there.

Let's take our "African Wildlife 10" develop preset for example: It will take your raw image and turn it into a great, saturated photograph. Now you'll need to tweak the Basic Settings in Lightroom's Develop Module to fine tune the image, keeping an eye on the histogram to make sure that you avoid clipping the highlights and shadows. The vast majority of the adjustments have been taken care of by the preset - you just need to hone them to your needs.

Where will these presets work? These develop presets will work with the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC App. If you are using the creative cloud version of Adobe Lightroom Classic and it is up to date these presets will work.

How do I purchase them? We will soon be launching our Africa Imagery online store but in the meantime drop me a mail and we can transact manually.

How much do they cost? This set costs USD15.00 as does our Africa Collection set. Our African Black and White set and The African Tones set cost US$10.00 each. Buy all 4 sets of Presets for US$40.00..

How do I install them? We will send you a zip file. Double click this file to open a folder containing the presets, remembering where this folder is located on your computer.

In Lightroom, in the Develop Module, go to the Presets panel on the left and click the + on the top right. Select Import Presets, navigate to the preset folder and select all of the presets. Click Import on the bottom right of the dialog box that pops up and you're ready to go.

Be sure to check out our other presets.

African Wildlife 1

This preset creates a high contrast effect, pushes whites and boosts greens.

African Wildlife 2

A slightly muted palette with an increase in contrast with a touch of high key effects.

African Wildlife 3

This preset creates a high contrast photograph with cool, greenish blacks and a touch of magenta in the mid tones.

African Wildlife 4

A soft, gentle Lightroom preset with just a touch of "glow" for a more romantic feel to your photographs.

African Wildlife 5

Similar to preset 5, this preset pushes yellows and oranges while desaturating the other colours at the same time, it lifts the blacks somewhat.

African Wildlife 6

This preset gives a flat, muted look , pushing reds, oranges and magentas while holding back the cooler tones.

African Wildlife 7

We created this Lightroom preset to give your photographs a high contrast image, desaturating the warm tones and pushing greens and aquas.

African Wildlife 8

This preset creates muted tones and a "flat" image with a slight greenish cast.

African Wildlife 9

A useful black and white conversion preset that creates rich, cool blacks and slightly warm whites.

African Wildlife 10

Our everyday preset for enhancing RAW images. Adds vibrance, a little contrast, a slight vignette and some sharpness and noise reduction. Useful for most images.

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