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Photography with the Panasonic Lumix GM5

We were supposed to go out ebike riding this morning but it was a grey drizzly day and, here in the Western Cape Overberg, it was sure to clear up later so postponed the trip to this afternoon. (Btw, if you are into ebiking, mountain biking or gravel road riding have a look at, our ebiking web site - where to ride, where to stay, GPS tracks and lots more info). Seeing we were already up and dressed we decide to rather head out and explore the Cliff Path along the Hermanus coastline.

It was gorgeous out - still cool, with a little drizzled falling and the path was very quiet - just the occasional jogger and walker taking in the views and wonderful seaside atmosphere. I had decided to take along my little Panasonic Lumix GM5 micro four thirds camera with just its 12-32mm “kit” lens. And what fun it was.

As we walked along the lichen covered rocks and coastal vegetation caught my eye - awesome shapes, textures and colours to play with. I dialled in a smallish aperture (f10) to get sufficient depth of field and let the camera pick the shutter speed and deal with the image stabilisation. I did keep en eye on the shutter speeds to see that they didn’t drop below about 1/60 sec to avoid camera shake becoming a problem.

View of Hermanus. Western Cape. South Africa

The Cliff Path stretches for 12km along the edge of the cliffs at the coastal town of Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa. It’s a favourite with joggers and walkers alike but no cycling is allowed. There are many benches along the route for those wanting to simply take in the atmosphere and, during whale season (June to December) it offers lovely whale viewing (and photography) opportunities.

Anyway, much fun was had before the sun started breaking through the clouds and wrecking the awesome, soft, cool light. Must do that again sometime soon.


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