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Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of our favourite places and well worth a visit. It’s actually an amazing African Game Reserve as these 10 facts show:

1. It’s huge. At 19 500 square kilometres, it’s one of the largest in Africa.

2. The park is 360km long and about 65km at it’s widest.

3. It contains about 27 000 buffalos, 12 000 elephants, 2 000 lions, 10 000 rhino and 2 000 leopards.

4. The Kruger National Park has 21 rest camps and 15 private safari lodges.

5. It came into existence originally as the Sabi Game Reserve on 26 March 1898.

6. James Stevenson Hamilton became the first warden of the reserve in 1902.

7. Of the 517 species of birds occurring there, 253 are residents, 117 are non-breeding residents and 147 are nomads.

8. It is home to 114 species of reptile including black mambas, puff adders and about 3 000 Nile crocodiles.

9. Thulamela iron age site in the north is a stone walled site built approximately 450 – 500 years ago.

10. There is evidence of human occupation dating back 1.5 million years.

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