Great White Pelican - Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography - Photographs, Video and Stock Images.

Great White Pelicans are huge birds. Their wing span can be as much as 3.8m and they can weigh as much as 15kg. It's worth measuring 3.8 metres out on the floor to give you an idea: 4 large paces should be about it. 

They feed mostly on fish and may fly over 100km in search of food.

Great White Pelicans occur widely and we photographed this one taking off on Lake Naivasha in Kenya. They are also known as Eastern White Pelicans, Rosy Pelicans or White Pelicans.

Great White Pelican or Eastern White Pelican, Rosy Pelican or White Pelican. (Pelecanus onocrotalus). Lake Naivasha. Naivasha. Great Rift Valley. Kenya

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