Glentana - The Wreck of the Floating Dock - Roger and Pat de la Harpe Photography - Photographs, Video and Stock Images.

In November 1902, the SS Baralong was towing a floating dock destined for Durban past Mossel Bay when it encountered strong north-westerly winds and heavy seas. One of the towing lines broke and, after some considerable effort,  the crew managed to re-attach it. They were by now perilously close to land and, after the gear failed again, the dock beached on a sandy section of the coast near Glentana on the Garden Route where it remains today - some 117 years later.

Various attempts were made to re-float it without success and it was decided to abandon the dock. It would have been the first floating dock in operation in South Africa and measured about 115 X 25m.

It's a 2km, relatively easy walk to the east from the main beach at Glentana, best undertaken at low tide. Expect some rock-hopping even at spring lows.


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