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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ110 was announced at CES 2016 so, like our GM5 cameras, its quite an old model. In spite of that, with its latest firmware, it's capable of producing some very useful images. The TZ110 has a 20,1 Mp, 1 inch MOS sensor that has the same aspect ratio as our Micro Four Thirds bodies, and the 9,1 - 91mm (25 -230 in 35mm terms) f2,8 - 5.9 Leica lens does a fine job at minimum zoom, a little less so when it approaches its maximum focal length.

We've been using this camera mainly to shoot our ebiking rides, the pictures eventually ending up on our eBike Touring web site. In this role it's fantastic, the ease of operation, size and rather good image stabilising making shooting one handed while riding bumpy trails possible. As a travel camera? Yes, within the limitations of the built in zoom. Look, it's not bad and we are happily using it as explained, but when you are used to the Panasonic 35 - 100 and Leica 100 - 400 on the G9... But then it would be crazy to expect it to be anywhere near as good.

What we like:

- Light, small and  good image quality.

- The electronic viewfinder is a nice addition.

- Quick and easy to use with one hand. - a very useful zoom range.

- 20Mp images.

- Shoots 4k video.

- Connects to your mobile phone so that you can download jpegs and post to networks while "on the go".

The Panasonic Lumix TZ110 with a bit of anti-slip camo tape to improve the grip.

The Panasonic Lumix TZ110 with a bit of anti-slip camo tape to improve the grip.

What we like less:

- Alas, downloading RAW files via the Panasonic iPhone app is not possible. Pity.

- While rather sleek and good looking the camera doesn't offer much "grip" - hence the piece of fabric tape.

Be sure to check out our other Lumix bodies - the G9, the GH5 and the GM5.

Some Photographs Shot on the Lumix TZ110

  • Image No: TZ110R361598 Just one of the many erica species we have in the mountains around George. South Africa

  • Image No: TZ110R361594 Mountain Biking. George. Garden Route. Western Cape. South Africa

  • Image No: Image No:_0780 Pat riding her ebike home from one of our rides to the mountains. George. Garden Route. Western Cape. South Africa

  • Image No: TZ110R361561 Just one of the cool glades on the trails around George. Western Cape. South Africa

  • Image No: TZ110R361988 Roger with the glorious scenery at Garden Route Dam. eBiking (mountain biking). Western Cape. South Africa

  • TZ110R359261

    Pat on her ebike, right up in the mountains, mist covering the peaks of the Outeniqua Mountains. Western Cape. South Africa

  • TZ110R361879

    The Giant Stance E+2 - our new ebikes. George. Garden Route. Western Cape. South Africa.

  • GM5R361719

    We went for an ebike ride from Still Bay to Jongensfontein, a sleepy little holiday town in the Western Cape. South Africa. What a delightful spot.

  • Image No: TZ110R359503 The fynbos looking good while eBiking (mountain biking). in the Outeniqua Mountains near George..

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