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What a lovely name: Bradysaurus. It has quite a nice ring to it - a friendly sound, which perhaps belies what a Bradysaurus is!

We took a road trip into the dry and desolate, western part of South Africa. It was part "getting away from it all" and part a stock photography shoot as our coverage of this area was a little sparse and the images we did have were old and tired. There was a rough plan - a general route that we had in mind - but much of the trip was just following our noses to see what we'd find in this wonderful part of the country. It was probably on day 3 or 4 of the trip that we found ourselves in the tiny little town of Fraserburg and it turns out that it is quite famous for its dinosaurs. Of all things!

About 250 million years ago, a large creature that looked like an overgrown lizard walked through some mud leaving a series of footprints behind. One day, in 1968, a farmer was inspecting his lands after a particularly heavy rain storm, and he noticed these rather strange shapes in the rock that had been exposed by the heavy runoff. It turned out that they were the footprints of a pre-dinosaur creature with the name of Bradysaurus. 

It was was quite a large animal - about 2.5 metres in length and between about 500 and 1000kg in weight and probably quite slow  and clumsy. It had evolved a covering of armoured scutes or scales to protect itself against predators.

If you're in Fraserburg and would like to visit the dinosaur site, give Marthinus Kruger a shout on +27 (84) 873 0098 or

  • Model of a Bradysaurus in the Fraserburg Museum. Northern Cape. South Africa.

  • Bradysaurus footprint near Fraserburg. Northern Cape. South Africa.

  • Fossilised ripples where water once flowed.Fraserburg dinosaur site. Northern Cape. South Africa.

  • Roadside scene near Fraserburg. Northern Cape. South Africa.

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