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In late October 2018 a fire broke out on the slopes of the Outeniqua mountains. The results were devastating. Thousands of hectares of fynbos habitat, commercial timber plantations, historical buildings and many homes burnt to the ground. The effect on the area's wildlife must have been equally disastrous, but no one know the numbers. Sadly, there was also loss of human life. 8 People tragically died because of the fires.

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Gold rhino (152mm 42mm x 55mm, weighing 42.8g, 24ct gold). Artifact recovered from Mapungubwe Hill. Northern Province. South Africa. Made from multiple pieces of fine gold foil originally tacked with tiny gold nails onto a wooden core (now decayed). Photographed at the Mapungubwe Museum. University of Pretoria

African sceneGold rhinoMapungubwe HillNorthern Provincegoldgold foilheirloomout of africaphotographsouth africazhizo